A Mothers Story

In Sierra Leone, Maumie has already suffered through three of her children's deaths. Now she has a baby boy, James, who showed signs of tetanus at birth, but fortunately did not have the disease.

Sierra Leone has become an example of what's possible in countries with maternal and neonatal tetanus. Thanks to ongoing healthcare and education, Sierra Leone is on the verge of eliminating MNT.

In fact, Maumie and James are precisely the kind of mother and newborn to whom The Eliminate Project gives hope. In some of the world's poorest and most remote areas, families live without the knowledge and services that prevent painful and deadly diseases like tetanus.

Your gift to The Eliminate Project can help reach them. Our campaign to raise US$110 million will help vaccinate more than 61 million women, provide education on safe birthing practices to families and communities…and pass it all on to a new generation, for future generations.

This is the bond that we all deserve. This is the connection we need to protect. Because of The Eliminate Project, women all over the world will be spared the ultimate grief of losing a child. Instead, they will be able to cherish the smiles and laughter of their daughters and sons, and to experience that unrivaled joy every mother should have.

The Kiwanis Mother's Day Project supports The Eliminate Project in which Kiwanis is working in partnership with UNICEF. We are also very grateful to the following organisations and companies for their support: